We are an international Trade and Import-Export consulting company, supporting businesses to enhance their knowledge of international trade, to develop business in their target export countries, and to locate and develop reputable suppliers and customers in different regions of India.

International selling is a necessary boost for E.U businesses during current economic times. The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have economies that are booming and there is no better time than now to take advantage of it.

We are well versed in the Indian market for more than a decade. We will guide you through the international trade processes in India, help you to minimise your risk, add value, and maximise profit for your business. We ensure that business is done with companies with strong ethical backgrounds and reputations.

We smoothen out complex and frequently misunderstood business issues, cultural faux pas and misinterpretations.
We will assist you to develop flexible plans and market penetration strategies for your products/services and assist in find partner companies in the Indian market to align with. We offer a range of services:


  • Analysis of existing Indian business portfolio, products and services
  • Building an exporting culture in your business
  • Identification of new opportunities and prioritisation of markets
    and customers in the Indian subcontinent
  • Indian business planning and budgeting
  • Lead generation and enquiry processing in India
  • Market selection & prioritisation
  • Advice on Indian marketing and selling strategies
  • Payment management and minimising the risk of non-payment
  • Identification and management of overseas partners
  • Managing and motivating Indian partners
  • Sales agency and product sourcing services
  • Indian time management
  • Access to specialist Indian partner services (Legal, Tax and Financial Advisory)
  • Understanding your target markets in India



Preparation and planning, and an understanding of the Indian selling process will minimise your costs and maximise your opportunity for profit.
We will assist you with the following preparatory steps:


  • Establishing terms and conditions of business
  • Currency accounts and currency exchange
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Competition analysis
  • Compliance with technical and regulatory requirements in India
  • Website, advertising and editorial placement, and social media plan
  • International trade procedures and documentation
  • Analysis and classification of existing customer portfolio
  • Weights and measures and logistics
  • Lead generation and directory profile
  • Communication, exhibition planning, promotion and marketing material
  • Prioritising new customer enquiries
  • Standardised documentation and marketing packs
  • Enquiries in various Indian languages



Our Indian business network partners are always eager to represent new products. We are always on a lookout for:

  • o) High quality niche products

  • o) Products with significant unique selling points

  • o) New innovations

  • o) Products that are environment and energy friendly



Majority of businesses/companies prefer to work with Sales Agents/representatives or Distributors, but there are many different routes into the Indian market.
We could help you to formulate a strategy to suit each target market and to locate the right partners:

  • o) Requirements management from your business partner in India

  • o) Identify the best route into each target market

    o) Select your suitable Indian partner network

  • o) Assist in Managing and monitoring performance through goals and objectives

  • o) Provide Business Intelligence

    o) Provide Market Intelligence

  • o) Legal Support

    o) Financial and Tax advisory and consulting service

    o) Formalize and draft contracts



Indian Business has changed dramatically in recently, companies collaborate to win new business and maintain existing ones, and often these are companies who would compete against each other. Strategic Partnerships can vary widely, from collaboration on a specific, time-limited project to a full Joint Venture.

Working together can be a useful way of succeeding against larger competitors.
We will assist you to consider the opportunities that are open to you.


  • Nationwide study and sector analysis
  • Sales planning and Strategies
  • Market analysis
  • Direct/Indirect Export
  • Target Selection and Planning
  • Export co-operations and Cluster Development
  • Establishing internal conditions
  • Licensing, Technology/Know-how transfer
  • Market/sector selection
  • Joint ventures and Branch Office setup
  • Product adaptation
  • Formation of Subsidiaries (distribution and/or production)
  • Export Strategy
  • India wide tender/bidding participation and preparation support
  • Contract formulation
  • Indian procurement tender/bidding participation support
  • Government lobbying support
  • Commercial and technical feasibility studies

In cooperation with our local experts in India and our well connected network both with the government and private sectors we will help you identify the best strategy for market penetration and will assist you until the predefined goals are accomplished. Quality information on Indian markets is vital for the success of any European business in India.