Produkte - GHB Holding
The e-volution GmbH products range from the electric bicycle to the electric car. The scooter and the quad are represented in the company's short and medium distances division. The mobile photovoltaic charging station which is currently in the planning stage will generate the necessary fuel from renewable energies.

Profil - GHB Holding
The company e-mobility was founded as a subsidiary of i-tec Styria GmbH in order to focus on the development, production and sale of electrical mobility (e-mobility) products.

In its first stage, the business will design a new 4-wheel electric vehicle in an ultra-modern design and equipped with technology from the PET002, which has been undergoing development for many years. The existing prototypes are already on sale after having being successfully launched onto the market.
After this, the business will begin the development of a 2-wheel scooter, also in a new design and with new technology.

To complete the package, attachments for the 2 and 4-wheel vehicle are also going be developed and manufactured.

The development of a mobile photovoltaic charging station rounds off the product portfolio for the first stage of "e-mobility GmbH". This mobile filling station (PV station) is to be developed and constructed in cooperation with the Western Styria energy region.